December 7, 2020

Tokyo, December 7, 2020 – Subaru Corporation is pleased to announce that the all-new Subaru Levorg has been named 2020-2021 Car of the Year Japan. This is the third time Subaru has been awarded the honor, following the Impreza Sport/G4’s win in 2016.

Based on the Grand Touring Philosophy pursued among Subaru engineers to develop a car that allows the driver and passengers to ”go further with more comfort, safety and enjoyment,” the all-new Levorg has been developed as a performance wagon with evolutionally enhanced values of “advanced safety”, “sportiness” and “wagon practicality/utility” utilizing Subaru’s latest technologies.

By December 6th, 2020, total order for the new Levorg counts 12,594 units, exceeding the pace of its monthly sales target of 2,200 units. Most notably, the innovative nature of new Levorg has been well received as a 94% of customers have chosen the trims equipped with “EyeSight X”, Subaru’s advanced driving assist system.

“It is a great honor that the Levorg has been recognized with this distinctive award,” said Tomomi Nakamura, president and CEO of Subaru Corporation. “I would like to thank our customers and all other stakeholders for their continued support for Subaru. We will continue to enhance our efforts to offer an ‘enjoyment and peace of mind’ to all customers.”

2020-2021 Car of the Year Japan Awards
Passenger cars officially announced in Japan between November 1, 2019 and October 31, 2020 are eligible and a jury of up to 60 members selects the winner by voting. In addition to “Car of the Year Japan” and “Import Car of the Year,” awards are granted in “Design Car of the Year,” “Technology Car of the Year,” “Performance Car of the Year” and “K Car of the Year” categories in the 2020-2021 Car of the Year Japan Award.

Car of the Year Japan 2020-2021 Award All-New Subaru Levorg