January 20, 2021

Representative: Tomomi Nakamura, Representative Director, President and CEO
Code number: 7270 (First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Contact for inquiries: Yasushi Nagae, Vice President
and General Manager of Investor Relations Department
Phone: +81-3-6447-8825

Subaru Corporation (Subaru) hereby announces that it has completed acquisition of shares of Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) in accordance with the business and capital alliance agreement announced in the news release titled “Toyota and Subaru Agree on New Business and Capital Alliance” dated September 27, 2019. Details are set out below.

1. Outline of share acquisition

(1) Total number of shares acquired: 8,973,700 shares
(2) Total value of shares acquired:  Approximately 70 billion yen
(3) Method of acquisition: Acquisition through off-market transactions
(4) Period of acquisition: From November 27, 2020 to January 15, 2021

2. Outlook going forward
This acquisition of shares will not have any influence on the forecasts for Subaru’s consolidated financial performance for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021.
Subaru will continue its efforts to further advance and strengthen the long-term relationship between the two companies.

September 27, 2019, Toyota and Subaru Agree on New Business and Capital Alliance

February 6, 2020, Notice Concerning Change into an “Other Affiliated Company”